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Summer brings flowers, budding trees, warmer weather and … Pests – and a large amount of them. Unfortunately, when nature springs back to life pests seem to do the same, and they invite themselves into your property while you are not looking. If you are not sure if they have set up home in your home and garden? Have a look at our Central Coast Pest Control guide of signs that some common summer pests are invading your home to find out.

• If You’ve seen them crawling around your property. Ants don’t typically travel alone – it’s likely there’s a few nests /colonies around
• Look closer for more ants. They travel in trails that they follow
• Look around the exterior of your property for ant trails, especially around windows and doors

• Mouse droppings in your kitchen and inside cupboards
• Look for small holes created in walls and cupboards
• Scratching noises in your walls at night
• Small chewed holes in furniture, drawers, or other structures


Unfortunately a spider infestation can be hard to spot because they often like to stay in a secluded area within or around your home. Contact us today and we will pass our expert eyes over the situation to ensure your home stays spider-free.

German Cockroach (Blattella germanica) are mostly nocturnal. They spend the day hiding in cracks and crevices around areas such as fridge motors, Microwaves, Kettles and toasters, sinks, cookers, skirting boards and drains. There is a higher chance of an infestation in premises with bad hygiene conditions. Wet, warm places offer a perfect breeding ground for those insects. Signs of cockroach infestation can include a smell, small shaped droppings similar to mouse droppings, but smaller and dead cockroach bodies. They spread diseases such as typhoid and dysentery as well as gastro. Cockroaches and their faeces can cause allergic reactions, especially amongst sensitive people.

• Check all wood in contact with soil around your home for mudding
• Look for flying termites They do fly at this time of the year
• There’s damaged paint on wood surfaces
• Look for what looks like rotten timber
• Look for mudding on the walls
• DO NOT DISTURB THEM if you suspect they are there. Call Us Immediately

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