4 Steps of Successful Pest Control

1. Inspect

We make sure we understand the pest challenges that you are having.
Australian Pest Specialists will understand the most appropriate approach for you and your family, to manage your pest issues. This will include an understanding of the structural and environmental conditions that affect your home. We will complete a thorough inspection of your home as well as listening to your specific concerns.

2. Recommend

The most effective recommendations for you and your family.
Our experienced pest specialists evaluate the most effective treatment options having assessed the information collected during the inspection, we will recommend a solution to deliver the results you need. This includes recommendations to control the source of the issue and prevent future problems.

3. Solution Application

Implementing a solution in a responsible way.
When a chemical application is required, our experienced pest specialists are trained to apply the right product in the right place to achieve a positive outcome. We will suggest sealing any potential entry points and removing any food source and vegetation that the infestation is attracted to. A few simple steps can reduce ongoing issues in the future.

4. Keep in Contact with you

Count on us to keep your house pest-free.
Pest Management is a process, not just a one-time event. Regular check ins will confirm that you continue to be pest free and that you are happy with the service provided by Australian Pest Specialists