Why Employ An Inspector To Check Your Potential New Property

It may seem like one of the more frustrating aspects of buying a home, but building inspections are a must when you are investing in your new home. Is the property worth the asking price, or is it’s worth buying at all?

The Pest and Building Reports will identify a property’s shortcomings, and provide you with the information to either walk away or renegotiate the price that you are paying taking into account the cost of repairs etc. The Reports provides you with the information you need to make a sound financial decision.

Australian Pest Specialists are experts in Building and Pest Inspections and have supported customers who have had a bad experiences using other Pre Purchase Inspection companies only to find live termites or extensive termite damage in the property they have recently purchased. Our successful claims against inspections that have gone wrong vary from $365,000 claimed to $77,000 claimed successfully and everything in between.

What You Should Ask When Engaging An Inspection

Ensure that your Inspector is a qualified builder

Does the Termite Inspector have a licence to provide an Annual Termite Inspection and Treatments where Live Activity is found? (quite a few inspectors complete a short course to allow them to complete Pre Purchase inspections But are not licenced to complete a annual inspection or termite treatments, where as a qualified Termite Technician/inspector will study and complete a minimum 20 inspections and be assessed to get qualified. Decide how qualified a person you want to use to inspect your potential purchase?

What Equipment they use during the inspection – Thermal Imaging, Moisture Meter, Termite Radar, Thermal Sensor.

What we Provide

At Australian Pest Specialists, we provide a qualified Building Inspector, and two Timber Pest Inspectors. During the inspection we will use a Thermal Camera and a Termatrac Unit to complete an extensive inspection and report on your behalf. You will receive the Building Report and a separate Timber Pest Report on the same day as the inspection is completed.

Our Reports are to Australian Standard and include photographic evidence of issues and recommendations that were noted on the property so you can relate/identify these areas on your next visit. The inspectors are available 24/7 to answer any concerns you may have.

We call you directly once we have inspected the property to inform you as to how we went ( we understand that purchasing a property is stressful and you need to be informed as soon as possible)

We offer a Pre ‘Move-In’ General Pest Control Treatment before you move your belongings in – just in case…