Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce 2018 Annual Business Awards

Central Coast small business, Australian Pest Specialists are finalists in the 2018 Annual Business Awards in the categories of - "Start Up Superstar" and "Excellence in Small Business". Providing Commercial & Residential Pest Control services, we have focused on positioning ourselves first and foremost as a customer service business that provides a guaranteed pest control [...]

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Preventative Measures against Winter Pests

Many folks believe winter pests do not exist during the winter months, but they do, and they're no joking matter! It's far easier to avoid a pest problem compared to confronting one head on. Pests aim for the warmth on your house as a safe and attractive place to survive winter. Here's a listing of [...]

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Rodent activity is on the increase with the arrival of the cold weather

The cold weather is here - The pitter patter of little feet on your walls. Dark droppings on your kitchen cabinets. All of the tell-tale signs that you have a Rodent problem. Rodents are the principal reason behind several of the most troublesome and expensive pest problems for both business and home owners. In reality, [...]

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WHAT ATTRACTS ANTS? It is never fun if you find ants crawling around your house. Even if it's just one ant you see,  you may have a infestation. Lone ants may be scouters trying to find a fantastic spot to reside. As soon as they locate an acceptable place, the remaining portion of the colony [...]

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Cockroach infestations are common in Commercial and Residential coffee machines, with 40 per cent of coffee machines that are checked are found to be infested. Customers may not know the extent of the infestation until we shake the machine and the cockroaches fall back into the water tank or onto the benchtop. When these machines [...]

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Have you found what looks like flying ants (termites) around your property?

Flying termites (also known as Alates) are one of the most obvious signs that your property has a Termite colony which could lead to issues within your home. Termites can remain hidden, doing their damage and work for years. However, there is one key warning sign that you should be a lookout for - flying termites [...]

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How To Reduce The Chances of Ticks On Your Property

Ticks represent direct harm to both humans and pets. They’re extremely small (usually only a couple millimetres in size), making them hard to see. Even if they’re biting you, they’re difficult to detect, as they secrete an aesthetic into their host before latching on. If this happens, the tick may cause a skin irritation or [...]

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Winter Is The Peak Season for Rodent Activity

The Winter Months Is The Peak Season for Rodent activity to start invading human dwellings in order to protect themselves from the cold outside and have access to food & water. A Mouse Eating a loaf of bread Roof Rats that live in your ceilings We are approaching the winter season for rodent [...]

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Termite damage is one of the worst situations that a homeowner can experience, but many don’t realize just how common it is to find these wood-eating pests invading a home. A proactive annual termite inspection and preventive treatment may be enough to help some homeowners ward off termites for good, but unfortunately, there are still [...]

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Pre Purchase Termite Inspection & Pest Reports

Moving into a new home can be an exciting and stressful thing to deal with. There are many things to look for when searching for a new home, but one thing to always keep an eye out for is a pest problem. So, what do you look out for in regards to PESTS? At Australian Pest Specialists We have put [...]

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