Child Care

Service providers in the Child Care industry must meet strict industry standards and guidelines – that’s why having an experienced and reputable pest control partner is vital in ensuring these regulations are met.

Child care facilities can experience infestations from Cockroaches, Rodents, Spiders, fleas or any other pest at anytime, and given how vulnerable children are to the diseases these pests carry, its impertive that these environments are kept pest free.

Australian Pest Specialists understands the importance of not only meeting the standards required to provide a pest free environment for children, but also misimising the risk of exposure to children from chemicals. That’s why Australian Pest Specialists use only low toxicity and environmentally friendly products that are safe to use in this type of environment, and complete all treatments after hours or on weekends.

Australian Pest Specialists are trusted and proven experts in Child Care Pest Control with over 20 years experience. For a free consultation visit and full written report including recommendations, please call one of our friendly team on 1300 42 42 66.