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Control Your Pest Problem in Terrigal with Australia Pest Specialists

We’re your local pest specialists in Terrigal, offering pest control for all types of critters including ants, spiders, cockroaches, rats, mice and other vermin. All of our services are carried out with the utmost care to your home and the health of your family. This is why we only use low toxicity products to ensure your children and pets are safe.

If you’ve noticed any droppings from rodents or caught a trace of something scuttering across your floor out the corner of your eye, we suggest you give us a call. If left untreated, pest infestations can cause health complications for the inhabitants as they carry a multitude of germs and bacteria that can lead to disease, viruses, worms and food poisoning. Book an appointment today and keep your family safe.

Be rid of ants & spiders in your home

We provide Terrigal residents with the pest control solutions that help to eradicate spiders, ants, cockroaches, termites and other bugs, leaving your home pest-free and a comfortable space once more.

Our technicians are prompt, reliable and efficient. We leave your home as clean as when we arrived and provide detailed pest control reports with recommendations on how to mitigate future pest problems. No matter your pest, you’re in good hands with Australian Pest Specialists.

Eliminate rodents & cockroaches from your business

If you’re operating a business in Terrigal, we can help eradicate pests from your premises. Whether it’s a rodent problem, a termite infestation or a plague of cockroaches our technicians will be able to provide a treatment to rid you of the problem for good. If you’re not completely satisfied or if the problem returns, just let us know and we’ll return.

We have vast experience working with restaurants, manufacturing companies and education centres in the Terrigal area, offering both chemical and non-chemical treatment options depending on your business requirements. Give us a call today for a free quote.

Book a termite inspection in Terrigal today

Restore your home to a pest-free environment today with your local Terrigal pest specialists. Don’t wait until they’ve caused health problems to your inhabitants or even structural damage to your premises such as with termites. Arrange a booking today by calling on 1300 42 42 66.


The Climate across the Terrigal Region is conducive to the Norway rat, roof rat, and house mouse often living in close association with humans and can be serious pests under certain conditions. They can carry and transmit organisms across Terrigal geographies that can cause disease, damage or destroy buildings and electronic equipment by their gnawing behaviours, and cross contaminate surfaces. With the older historic Commercial and Residential make-up across the Terrigal Region there is increased activity and harbourage areas where they live and multiply sometimes unnoticed.

Australian Pest Specialists Terrigal Team can find and eradicate them before they damage your Home, Business or Reputation.


Across Terrigal, spiders certainly have a fearsome reputation as some of the world’s most dangerous spiders. There are two types – the Webbing Spiders and the Ground Dwelling Spiders. The most common Terrigal spiders are the White Tail and Redbacks and are found in subfloors and dry areas. Equipment and furniture are also common hiding places for them. White Tail spiders like to feed on common black house spiders and can be dangerous, which means you should try to keep your house spider-free to avoid feeding white-tails and supporting their breeding.

First Aid For Spider Bites

Red-back spider (Lactrodectus): Wash the bite site; apply antiseptic and a cool pack. In the majority of cases only minor pain and redness occur. In 25% of cases, severe pain and other symptoms such as sweating, headache, vomiting and muscle pain develop over the first few hours. Hospital assessment is required for severe symptoms.

White-tailed spider (Lampona): There is no clear scientific evidence that bites from these spiders’ cause skin ulceration. Treat as for bites from spiders-other.

Spiders-other: Wash the bite site, apply antiseptic and see your GP if signs of local infection develop.


Cockroaches are one of the most hated pests in Australia, and the Terrigal Region seems to be a breeding ground for them due to the humid climate conditions. Unsuspecting resting or harbourage areas include cracks & crevices, coffee machines, fridges, toasters and many other electrical food appliances, however activity is not limited to just kitchen areas. Where they are present in large numbers they may give out an unpleasant smell. The female cockroach can produce up to eight egg cases every 4 weeks, each of which can contain up to 30 eggs. Cockroach nymphs (babies) emerge from their eggs after 2-4 weeks.

Asthmatic Reactions – cockroaches must moult several times as they grow from young nymph to adult the discarded skin becomes airborne and can cause severe asthmatic reactions, particularly to children, the elderly, and people with bronchial ailments.

Therefore, it is important that once sighted, an elimination program is initiated immediately.

Terrigal Service Area

Australian Pest Specialists provides Pest and Termite services across Newcastle and surrounding areas including the following:

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I had a pest problem about 9 months ago and had Australian Pest Specialists come out. I couldn't recommend them enough! They were friendly, professional and I haven't had a cockroach since. Very happy with the service, thank you!

Lauren Blunden February 14, 2018