Stop The Spring Pests

Spring Pest Control

Stop The Spring Pests

Winter can bring a false sense of security. While you’re keeping warm by the fireplace and enjoying the cooler weather, you can become used to the absence of bugs and pests that tend to join you in the warmer months. This is particularly true in New South Wales and Victoria where the temperature changes are more extreme than Western Australia and Queensland, and the definite seasons change the pest cycle. But rather than waiting for the thermometer to go up and bugs to arrive, you can proof your home to protect it from the spring and summer critters.

Cleaning Outside

Nuisance pests have to come from somewhere and, of course, it’s the outdoors. During winter, when you’re enjoying a bug free life, they are in hibernation to get ready for their fun summer. As winter is often wet and dewey, many puddles form which create perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes and bugs to eventually do some serious damage. Winter also means winds and storms that can do minor property damage, which if gone unnoticed create opportunities for bugs to get inside. To prevent this, its important to keep the outdoors as clean and organised as possible. This involves riding the property of puddles, raking and disposing errant leaves and keeping on top of lawn mowing. These small measures take away opportunities for bugs to flourish.

Cleaning Inside

The only occupants in your home should be the people and beloved pets who live there. Spiders, cockroaches and dust mites who are definitely not welcome will find their way in if you haven’t done some spring cleaning. Simple things like dusting and getting in to tight corners will stop the build up of spider webs and stop dust mites from breeding. Different rooms attract different pests. Bathrooms, for example, are damp playgrounds for cockroaches and silverfish. While these pests only tend to present themselves in summer, winter means ensuring that spaces are dry and cracks are sealed. Kitchens, meanwhile, are where ants roam free if crumbs and opened packaging are not attended to. The pantry is a particularly precarious place but can become an ants nightmare if everything, particularly baking ingredients, are tightly sealed.

Calling Professionals

It is obviously a lot easier to deal with bugs when they’re not even there yet. Getting a pest control specialist to come in at the end of winter can place the necessary chemicals where they need to go to stop the bugs from breeding and ruining your summer. From cockroaches to termites, Australian Pest Specialists know how to stop them while you have a fun summer to remember.