Cockroach infestations are common in Commercial and Residential coffee machines, with 40 per cent of coffee machines that are checked are found to be infested. Customers may not know the extent of the infestation until we shake the machine and the cockroaches fall back into the water tank or onto the benchtop.

When these machines are inspected, we find cockroaches inside as it is moist and comfortable, which is an ideal environment for them to breed. Automated Coffee Machines are now more common in residential kitchens and small office environments, do not have boilers, and are not very hot. So the cockroaches will go inside, make a home and multiply.

At Australian Pest Specialists, coffee machines are one of the common areas its Pest Specialists inspect as part of their pest management services at a customer’s premise or home. “German cockroaches are becoming more commonly found during an inspection as they are small enough to hide inside these coffee machines. Once an infestation is detected, call in the Pest Experts to treat the infestation. A dedicate baiting program is applied directly to the infested areas and this will eliminate the adult cockroaches. It is important that the Specialist completes a 2nd treatment within 10 -14 days as the nymphs (baby cockroaches) will hatch and continue to breed. The 2nd treatment will break the life cycle and reduce the chances of a reinfestation.

Inspection by the owner of their coffee machines at least once a month is recommended. Follow the manufacturers recommendations around the cleaning and maintenance of the machine and keep the area around the machine clean at all times.

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