Dangers of DIY Pest & Termite Control

Professional Pest Control

Do It Yourself pest control has gained in popularity over recent years, due to the increase in home renovation and gardening type programs in the media and by being promoted heavily on television.
Doing your own pest control might save money initially, it can lead to ongoing problems and work out much more costly in the long run.
Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems with people using over-the-counter insect repellents is that they often believe that “more is better”. We often see homeowners spraying everywhere around their property with an excessive amount of chemicals which is not ecofriendly to the environment or your family and pets.
Professional pest control products are stronger and are applied strategically, as a very thin film, that is designed to bind or “stick” to the surface. When large amounts of chemicals are applied they often “run off” or leave residues, which can be ingested or walked against causing potential health problems to pets and children.
The other mistake that people make is to over apply chemicals to common areas internally and externally where children might regularly play. It can be quite dangerous to young children in particular, if rat pellets, termite baits, or other toxic chemicals are applied in areas that have the potential for contact with the skin, eyes or worse, be ingested.
Australian Pest Specialists will always carry out a safe and effective treatment in areas of the home that are safe for infants and pets using only safe and approved chemicals.

Calling in the experts – Australian Pest Specialists

When it comes to protecting your family from pests, the safest and most effective way is to use a professional pest company like Australian Pest Specialists. Not only will we be able to quickly identify the type infestation you might have, but we will be able to use the most effective and safest treatment solutions, reducing any potential risks for you and your family.
Australian Pest Specialists uses professional pest control products that are subject to Australian safety regulations and codes. Products that we used are safe for pets and humans, and are applied to the surface using specialized equipment by qualified and licenced specialists. Our Specialists will identify and target the infestation that has taken over your property and treat specific harbourage areas to eliminate the issue.
This means that not only are our professional treatments safer than those typically available over-the-counter, less of the chemical will need to be used and it is restricted to areas generally out of reach of children.

Making pest treatments safe for your whole family

  • Work with a reputable pest control company
  • Tidy your home before the Service
  • Ask questions
  • Request Licences and Insurance Details
  • Vacate areas that are being Treated
  • Ask for a Written Service Report

Learn More – https://australianpestspecialists.com.au/residential/

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