Winter Is The Peak Season for Rodent Activity

The Winter Months Is The Peak Season for Rodent activity to start invading human dwellings in order to protect themselves from the cold outside and have access to food & water.

Rodents eating
A Mouse Eating a loaf of bread
Roof Rats that live in your ceilings

We are approaching the winter season for rodent activity to start invading properties in order to protect themselves from the cold weather outside and to forage for food & water. They look for shelter from the cold and food – two things your house can provide. But there’s more to these rodents than eating cheese and stealing your crumbs. Rodents can be dangerous for your family, and they’re especially difficult to keep out of homes. Therefore, if you don’t take action now to protect your home, rodents might not only enter your home, but also cause damage to structure & electrical wiring while spreading diseases by Cross contaminating the environment.  So before the temperatures start to fall, follow these recommendations by Australian Pest Specialists  – a Central Coast NSW based Pest Control Company covering the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

At Australian Pest Specialists, we look for the typical signs of a mouse infestation which includes foul smells, scratching or gnawing sounds, chewing marks, small footprints/tracks, and more. Be on the lookout this autumn and if you come across any of these warning signs in your home give us a call! We’ll come out and inspect your home for free!

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Proofing your Property

  • Block The Entry Points 
Rodent entry points

One of your main aims should be denying entry to rodent activity into your home. You also understand that mice and rats can squeeze even through the smallest of gaps. Therefore, seal up all the small holes and gaps as effectively as possible by filling them with steel wool before you plaster or silicone the cracks as this will cut the rodents mouths as they try to break through. Also, inspect the windows for any damage & have them repaired.



  • Add Brush Strips to the bottom of entry doors 

An effective way to prevent rodent activity from entering your home is to install a brush or sweepp strip to all your exterior doors. When you block these gaps near the base, it will help to rodent proof points for gaining entry.


  • Keep Your Food Sealed In Airtight Containers 

Clean your Benchtops and all other surfaces of any kind of food. Check for crumbs beneath the stove, microwave and fridge, and any other appliances in your kitchen. Remember to keep all food items in tightly sealed containers. Do not leave half eaten pet food out in pet bowls overnight.


  • Clear The Clutter in Your Storage Areas and Cupboards. 
Rodent harbourage areas

Wherever there is storage in your house, these areas offer an ideal hiding spot for rodents. So clear away all unwanted junk from your garage, sub floor and roof voids. Do not offer these unwanted guests a free home for the winter.




  • Maintain The Landscaping
Rodent Burrows in overgrown gardens

Get all overgrown garden maintenance work done before the winter weather arrives. Trim the branches hanging in close proximity of the roof of your property as these can be easy access in allowing rodents into your roof void. Clear off any overgrown vegetation and also eliminate leaf piles & weeds to make sure that they do not serve as nesting areas for rodent activity.

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