Fast And Effective Pest Services Across The Central Coast

Central Coast Pest Control

Pest Free Home across the Central CoastOur external perimeter property treatment gets rid of troublesome pests fast and effectively, and you won’t see a trace of them for a long time after the treatment. That’s because we use highly effective Central Coast Pest Control approved products designed to eliminate many different pests in just minutes with no bothersome odor.

Our perimeter pest treatment provides complete pest control in across the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie against a variety of pests, including: Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders, Ticks, Millipedes, and many more pests.


Knowledge – Pest control isn’t a one size fits all problem. Different pests call for different approaches. There isn’t enough time to do the research required to clear your home or business of pests, whatever the pest may be. Our Specialists are very experienced in regards to any issue you may have and are skilled at eliminating these.

Health – Many pests that find their way into a building or home carrying with them a host of diseases. It is important to get elimanate these pests quickly so as not to spread these to humans.

Time – Like we said before, not everyone has the time required to properly execute pest control plan. We have an effective and experienced team that can be in and out quickly to resolve your problems.

Cost – It might seem more cost effective to perform pest control yourself, but by the time you buy chemicals and traps it can begin to become an expensive project. DIY treatments don’t always last as the chemicals are weaker than the professional brands, and more has to continually purchased. We treat the issue at the source to avoid the pests coming back.

We also provide a Specialised Termite Service including Pre Purchase Inspections

Australian Pest Specialists are just a phone call away to give you peace of mind.

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